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About Solid State Equipment Limited

Electronic Design And Development Company

Solid State Equipment Ltd is an electronics design and development company, which has been in business for more than 30 years. The company is based in Wellington New Zealand. Always a small operation we have never the less developed many innovative products with unique solutions to special problems.


Harvey Reid

Managing Director of both Solid State and DieselGas

Harvey Reid has a diverse background in company management, diesel engineering, and product development. He is the holder of many patents. The driving force behind the team which has developed the DieselGas engine management system.

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Neil Poletti

Technical Director of both Solid State and DieselGas

Neil Poletti is an electronic hardware development specialist with a proven record in the application of electronic solutions to the diverse needs of the industry. Has extensive experience and knowledge in many technical fields.

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Development of Embedded Micro Computer Systems for a wide variety of research and industrial applications is the main focus of the company. Always innovative, we purchased our first microprocessor development system in 1975. Specialist areas of electronic technology development include Data Logging, Dual fuel engine control, Display, and Communications. Many significant technological breakthroughs have been achieved such as the IPS gas pipeline communications system. The IPS uses the steel pipeline as a communications medium and was successfully developed as a joint venture with Natural Gas Corporation.


The small team of dedicated engineers have experience ranging from bright young graduates to those with many years of experience in product development. A good mix of specialist and general engineering disciplines gives a balanced approach to developing successful products. All aspects of design and development are undertaken in-house. Specialist assistance from other research companies such as Industrial Research Limited is sought as and when required.


Prototype production is carried out in the house. For manufacturing quantities, we use specialist contractors, both in New Zealand and overseas.


Solid State's skills in product development have been recognised by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (Technology New Zealand). By awarding Technology for Business Growth grants.