MK VI Earthquake Trigger Recorder (EQTR)


It's not just the earthquake that causes all the damage to property, much of the damage is caused by secondary effects such as flooding, fire, and explosions. A way of isolating the source of these disasters is an extremely valuable insurance policy. Similarly, expensive machinery can be shut down before it is subject to the full effect of earthquake-generated forces.
An earthquake generates two types of shock waves: the pressure waves (P-waves, which produce predominantly vertical accelerations) and the sheer waves (S-waves). The S-waves do all the damage but they travel from the earthquake epicentre more slowly than the P-waves.
Solid State's Earthquake Trigger continuously monitors the vertical component of the earth's acceleration due to seismic forces. It is designed to detect the faster moving P- waves and when the acceleration exceeds the pre-set level the output relay changes state until 7 seconds after the quake. Contacts on this relay may be used to initiate any desired action. The unit has an event counter mounted on the lid to record the total number of operations, including instrument test operations.