An “Internet of Things” solution for the remote Monitoring and Control of the Cathodic Protection Systems on gas, oil or any other buried pipelines.


MK VI Earthquake Trigger Recorder (EQTR)

An electronic device for initiating safety procedures before the damaging effects of an earthquake while simultaneously recording the acceleration in 3 dimensions.
Solid State's Earthquake Trigger continuously monitors and records the three components of the earth's acceleration due to seismic forces. It is designed to detect the faster moving P- waves and when the acceleration exceeds the pre-set level the output relay changes state until 7 seconds after the quake. Contacts on this relay may be used to initiate any desired action.
The ground acceleration before the event is seamlessly prepended to the record.
The unit has an event counter mounted on the lid to record the total number of operations, including instrument test operations.



SSEL have wide experience developing embedded processors, both software and hardware, for controlling alternative fuelled engines. Our prime product is a dual fuel Diesel / Natural Gas controller which enables a diesel engine to be fuelled with up to 90% natural gas and 10% diesel. The cost of fuel is often much reduced depending on the local market and also exhaust emissions are much less, often allowing a dual fuelled engine to operate where diesel engines are banned because of their emissions. CO2 emissions are also about 20% less. Our controllers also have the capability for spark ignition, timed fuel injection (liquid or gas) A/F ratio control and knock sensing.